Hiring - Community Radio Freelance Trainer

Internews, in partnership with the Community Media Association (CMA) and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT), are delivering the Transmit, Transform project; a 2-year pilot programme supporting selected community media organisations through training and small grants.

The ever-increasing ubiquity of social media and mobile platforms and the resulting decline in traditional media business models has seen a collapse in the provision of reliable and trusted information for local audiences, both across the UK and globally. In addition, this has given rise to increasing concerns around increased disinformation or ‘fake news’.

Despite these trends there are numerous examples of grassroots, volunteer-led media associations in the UK providing critical local news and information services by and for the communities they serve.

The Transmit, Transform project views the survival and growth of community media as essential to countering the decline in the local news industry in the UK, and as such, is seeking to strengthen this vital sector to achieve its full potential for the benefit of all communities and voices within them.

A strong and healthy community media sector plays a significant role in supporting media literacy, promoting civic engagement and democracy, and providing a voice for the otherwise unheard.
Transmit, Transform aims to support community media outlets with a commitment to community-based journalism and reporting to:

  1. Strengthen their financial sustainability
  2. Increase the quality of their community journalism programming

The project also seeks to build an evidence base around the impact of high-quality community journalism at the local level, as well as innovative business models which support community-based journalism initiatives.

Community Radio Freelance Trainer - Purpose & Objectives
The key specific objective is to develop community journalism capacity of 6-12 community broadcasters from 3 community radio stations in basic community engagement, storytelling and reporting, as well as programme planning, digital production and social media engagement.

Scope of work, timeframe and deliverables, and fee details here.