Help: stories about small charities/SMEs required


I’m looking to source a series of news stories about small charities and social enterprises who are having a positive impact in their local communities.

The stories will be featured on the website and social platforms of a new non-profit news/volunteering organisation which launches in a few weeks. Their audience is interested in positive news and would also be looking to engage with smaller charities/community organisations in terms of volunteering and/or making financial donations.

The charity/social enterprise should be focused in a particular geographic area (ie. not nationwide) and I’ll need to do a short phone interview with someone from the organisation about the kind of work they do, and what kind of support they need to keep going (volunteers, financial donations etc). Ideally, they would also be able to supply one or two images to go with the story.

If you’d like to be featured or would like any more information then please do email me:

Thanks in advance,