Health Lottery Active Communities Grants

The Health Lottery have opened a funding opportunity under their Active Communities initiative. It’s open for applications between £5,000 and £50,000 for projects that bring people together to address a specific social need.

I have been trying to contact them and have finally managed to get in touch today. What they are saying is that community radio is too broad and is able to access funding elsewhere. They are suggesting that if we are involved with disadvantaged groups (they gave the examples of autistic under 16’s) then they could apply for funding for a radio project themselves as that is a specific project with a specific small group, but we can not apply as we are not dedicated to that cause. All very odd!

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Hi @SamHunt that’s a very common experience, though it might be possible and desirable to partner with a local community group that does have a specific need to promote wellbeing, and radio is the way it gets done. It would probably best be done as a joint bid between two groups.

It would be good to hear from anyone else who has experience of writing these kind of partenrship and collaborative bids. To be honest, its new to me, so I’ll need to think about how it can best be done.


I think that’s basically what she was saying - get the local group to head up the bid to do a radio based project. I can think of several local groups that would be interested in doing this. Also to bring it right down to neighbourhood level may be good also.

I suspect the funding levels won’t be anywhere near the maximum, probably £5-10k, but this is still a lot to do a lot of good with.

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Whether or not you are thinking about applying for this fund, working in partnership with local health, youth or other social organisations can be really beneficial. Sometimes its best not to rush the grant applications, but just start getting to know the groups in your area and see who really clicks with what you do.
A long term partnership with the right groups can be really fruitful for all, in terms of more people having their voices heard and having fun making media who might not otherwise step forward to do so, as well as accessing more grants and support for what you do.
In my experience there are some community organisations that you will have a natural affinity with and work closely and joyfully with for many years, and others that bring about frustrations and badly or weirdly managed projects. So it is really worth getting to know each other well before applying for funds that mean you are committed to a big piece of work together for some time.

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