Great To Catch Up Yesterday

Greetings Everybody,

Great to see everybody yesterday, and catch up at what was a great event…

I left before the end, so I thought I would pass on my contact details, as well as sign up for this, as I get closer to actually doing domething lol…

The best place for updates currently are on Facebook & Twitter, the webiste will be under creation as soon as I know what my CIC will be called…



Twitter (Although I personally detest it lol)

Organisation: @essentiareading
Personal: @followthebelly

Please feel free to leave yours, if you want me to know what you’re doing…

I hope to also tap into the knowledge in here much more as well, the mailing list, I couldn’t get to grips with, so never signed up, but moving to this, is a great move in my opinion…

Best Wishes, for now



Glad to hear this forum works better for you than the old mailing list. Hopefully many others will feel the same way! Please spread the word and encourage people to sign up here.

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