Government announces details of new review to protect the future of radio

Media Minister John Whittingdale has announced the scope of the Digital Radio and Audio Review that will examine the issues facing radio in the next decade as the digital revolution continues at pace.


  • Terms of reference published for the digital radio and audio review
  • Part of a commitment to ensure a sustainable, vibrant radio and audio sector for the UK in the long term
  • Review will support decisions about the future of radio in light of rapid changes in radio and audio consumption particularly amongst young people

Previously, radio’s future was seen in terms of a transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. But with the growth of smart speakers in homes and online audio platforms, the UK audio market is rapidly changing and there is no longer simply a binary choice between analogue and digital audio broadcast (DAB) platforms.

The digital radio and audio review will examine future trends and consider how radio should adapt to the growing challenges and opportunities from the latest audio technologies, as well as the impact of new consumer behaviours such as streaming.

Its terms of reference, as agreed with industry partners, focus on how to ensure radio remains fit for the future, assessing potential future listener trends and making recommendations to strengthen the UK radio audio industry and promote innovation.