Funding Success - from Awards for All

Hi Everyone,
At Soundart Radio we are pleased to announce we have just had confirmation from the Big Lottery of a £10,000 grant from Awards for All.
This will cover a lot of our core running costs in the coming year - we asked them to include our annual licence fee to Ofcom and all of our copyright licensing costs. They have agreed to do this.
The rest is for equipment upgrades and repairs, and to deliver training.

As Bill mentioned recently, there have been some very positive changes to Awards for All this year - it feels like they have really listened to feedback from community groups. They are now able to support core running costs of an organisation. This is something many of us struggle to fund in other ways.

Another positive move is that the form is very much simplified, with only one question that requires a long answer.

I submitted the application to them in mid October, and it took about 6 weeks to get a reply.

As always, the Big Lottery are interested in funding positive outcomes - so rather than paying us to make radio programmes, they are paying for changes to happen in the lives of those we work with, and in our communities.

I hope this is part of a wider trend, of more support for basic costs for all community media groups.


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Congratulations, superb work. The key word is definitely groups, as in community groups, as opposed to community organisations, as I am the director & the secretary, I’m not ready to get help from them yet, unfortunately. Good luck for the future…

Hi Paul,
Hope you can find the right support for the way that you work.
Sometimes there are grants out there for social enterprises, where the criteria is less prescriptive about organisational structures.
Best wishes,

Well done @lucinda - it would be good to hear about your approach in the funding application process at some point, and what the main social gain objectives are that you highlighted. Excellent news.

We talked about being a community of people, all with our own issues, who have come together to create media that improves our own lives and improves things for our own community. I’m trying to avoid the sense of being ‘do-gooders’ who are helping others, or reaching out. Or arts/media professionals delivering a service to people in need. It’s more honest for us to say we all have problems, and we are all helped by creating the project together.

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