Feathers fly as pigeon drops in at local radio station

Radio Ninesprings DJ in flap after finding pigeon in studio

In the current lockdown, one has to wonder if animals and birdlife really are taking over from humans?

Wild goats have been nibbling flowers in gardens in Llandudno. Deer chewing lawns in east London. And, wild buffalo wandering on roads in New Delhi.

Well, now a pigeon has been found larking about in a radio studio in Yeovil, almost sitting in for the regular presenter, introducing songs Pigeon English style.

Imagine the surprise felt by DJ Stuart Hughes arriving for his Sunday Show on Radio Ninesprings 104.5 FM to find a pigeon had beaten him to the microphone!

Stuart – who introduces the ‘Huggy Hughes Show’ 9 am to midday every Sunday on the Yeovil local radio station was confronted by the uninvited guest just minutes before going live with his regular slot.

In the hot weather, the radio station has been leaving a studio window slightly ajar but it seems the open window was how the curious pigeon entered the studio to show he was worthy of a flutter at radio presenting –

Stuart said: ”When I opened the studio door, I found this pigeon sitting in my chair and not wanting to budge. It was as though the bird quite fancied being a radio jock. Perhaps I should have opened the microphone, given it headphones and songs to play? But, no doubt he would have wanted his own songs played – ‘Come Fly with Me’ and ‘Up Up and Away’! Luckily, the pigeon didn’t dive-bomb the equipment and after opening the window a touch further, he was gone in a swoop.”

Radio Ninesprings Station Manager, Steve Haigh said: At Radio Ninesprings we have a close association with pigeons as it was a pigeon that launched the station in 2018, flying to the corners of South Somerset with a message that Radio Ninesprings could be heard on 104.5 FM. I’m left wondering if this was the same pigeon popping back to say hello? As to him becoming a regular jock? – well, provided there’s no Pigeon English, we might just consider making him one of the team.”

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