Falmouth to Falmouth - a collaborative radio project

This program will air on 13th April at 2pm BST. Join us then!


Cape Cod and Cornwall: We are mirroring coastal communities on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Cornwall is the “toe” of England, a peninsula projecting westward toward North America. Cape Cod is an “arm” thrust eastward. We even share some town names, including… Falmouth.

What we’re doing

Our two radio stations are collaborating on producing hour-long programs of conversations from one community to the other. On Cape Cod, USA, CAI is the local public radio station for the region, located in the town of Falmouth. In Cornwall, UK, SourceFM is a community radio station staffed primarily by volunteers. It, too, is located in the town of Falmouth.

Of course, each station serves a wider community: the Falmouths represent our studio locations, but our radio signals travel across coastlines and islands.

The communities we serve share specific challenges: coastal environmental impacts from climate change; big problems with affordable housing as our tourist-friendly locations are increasingly dominated by short-term rentals; young people moving away for opportunities elsewhere; and many others, as well.

And we also share many positives: we’re areas renowned for natural beauty, with histories of seafaring and farming, and home to energetic, engaged communities.

This new collaboration aims to link our two regions through direct conversations between residents on both sides of the ocean.

And we’re looking for suggestions! Want to join the conversation? Know someone you think we should speak with? Send us an email.