Edge Fund - Campaigning and Organising Resources for Diversity

Its well worth checking out resources listed on the Edge Fund website. They have a comprehensive list of guides and support material that are designed to help social organisations challenge inequality and exclusion.

Existing financial and political systems benefit the privileged few and put profit and economic growth before people and the environment. To challenge these inequalities effectively, we believe it is critical that decisions are made collectively, by those who donate money and those who receive it. Therefore the Edge Fund membership consists of donors, activists and members of communities facing oppression and injustice who make decisions together as equals. We also include the applicants themselves in the decision-making. Through this approach we create opportunities for people and groups to build alliances with each other, and particularly those they might not normally cross paths with, and to share their learning and experiences.

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Just spotted this and it’s exactly what we are thinking about doing at Source FM.

So thanks!


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Your welcome @MatthewRogers - there’s lots of potential with these alternative funding models, so it would be good to hear about the experiences that people have had with them.

Rob :slight_smile: