East Sussex Community Radio Stations Working Together

Monday evening (24th February) five East Sussex community radio stations got together to attend a Legal and Compliance workshop with radio programming consultant Paul Chantler.

Seahaven FM invited colleagues from other stations in the area, Uckfield FM, Hailsham FM, Burgess Hill Radio and Meridian FM. There were almost 60 attendees to the meeting and all the stations were well represented. Some of the stations in the area are already collaborating with things like fundraising, presenters covering programmes and sharing information.

Organising the event Nick Mallinson, MD at Seahaven FM, said “Community radio stations are always striving to acquire and maintain resources and skills. Working together with other stations local to each other makes sense and benefits us all and the communities we serve.” Nick saw Paul Chantler at a Radio Hub meeting some time ago and wanted his station’s volunteers to get the benefit of his experience for themselves, inviting the other stations helped to cover the costs and made for another opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues.

Gary King, Director of Programming & Music at Uckfield FM said “It was great to come down and bring some of the Uckfield FM team to hear what Paul had to say. A very useful but entertaining evening and we went away with a little more knowledge than we did 3 hours before! It was also an opportunity to network and meet up with some of our fellow presenters at our nearby community radio stations.”

Samantha Day from Meridian FM said “We found the seminar very useful and highlighted many grey areas. I liked the idea of the five radio stations getting together and being supportive of each other and would like to be involved in any future events.”

The stations are all hoping to find other ways of helping each other in the future.