Diversity in broadcasting questionnaire

I have had an email from Ofcom regarding diversity in broadcasting and their questionnaire.

Since we have 0 employees they aren’t interested. What about the 70-odd volunteers?

I wonder if it’s worth contacting Ofcom and voluntarily submitting to the questionnaire as we have an excellent mix with all parties represented.

It may be a good opportunity to demonstrate to Ofcom the amount of diversity that exists in the community radio sector and really show where community radio excels compared to commercial. A few other suitable stations could also be submitted.

Any thoughts?


This email from Ofcom seems to be going to everyone and likewise were only 1 staff and they weren’t interested or going to part 2. however like all Community Radio Stations we also have volunteers. I wonder if Ofcom didn’t really think this thru or as usual volunteers arent regarded important in the grand scheme of things. Maybe something @billbest @Rob-Watson could shed further light

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The Ofcom report into Diversity in the Radio Industry identifies that monitoring the workforce criteria, and focuses on stations with twenty employeees or more.

It might be useful to see a copy of the survey to identify its relevence, and the potential for discrimination by not including volunteers. I suspect that Ofcom’s approach is based on minimum requirements for reporting that are set in legislation, but I’d have to look at it more closely to figure it out?