Digital Inclusion Policy Development

A few weeks ago I attended a conference on Digital Inclusion that was organised by Simeon Yates of the University of Liverpool. The theme of the conference was how social policies of digital inclusion can be better aligned with communities in order to develop resources that achieve greater levels of social impact.

I had a chance to speak with Bob Gunn, who has undertaken consultancy work with the NHS in England and Wales to look at how digital health resources can be better developed and planned for by engaging more directly with trusted communities and community groups.

I’ve posted a short interview with Bob on my website

What was interesting about the recuring theme of the conference was that in order to design and develop better government service that a greater emphasis needed to be placed on community co-development and co-production.

It is worth looking at these changes in government service development planning in more detail, and thinking about how community media can be better prepared to help to nurture a socially diverse and inclusive approach to government services.

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