Decentered Media Podcast 05 - Vijay Umrao EavaFM

I’ve shared the latest Decentred podcast online. Today I had a chat with Vijay Umrao at EavaFM in Leicester. We chatted about the role of the community radio station manager, how communities most effected by imigration are responding to Brexit, and how multi-language based community radio stations build bridges of understanding.

If I’m ever in your part of the world, I’m always happy to meet up to record a podcast about community media and its social impact. Send me a message here @Rob-Watson , or on twitter @decenteredmedia

Rob :slight_smile:

Hiya Rob, I know you met up with Paul from Bedford a while ago to talk his ideas through.

Since then they have launched their news service on social media (website launching soon), and I am also in the process of launching a new community station for Bedford (hopefully online after Christmas)

So maybe in the new year you could pop down to Bedford, and we could have a panel discussion with you, paul and myself on the role of local / community media and its impact on the community.

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Oh cool, thanks @martinsteers - perhaps sooner if you are free.

Lets look at some dates and plan something. Make the most of my temporary flexibility.

Rob :slight_smile: