DEC Appeal - Cyclone Idai & Floods: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi

Idai began as a tropical depression in the Mozambique channel on 4 March, dropping heavy rain over Mozambique and Malawi before heading back eastward towards Beira in Mozambique, where it made landfall early on 15 March as a tropical cyclone.

Idai is possibly the worst weather-related disaster to hit the southern hemisphere, with 1.7 million people in the storm’s path in Mozambique and 920,000 people affected in Malawi alone.

On 19 March, the confirmed death toll from Cyclone Idai and related floods has risen to 474 in the three countries and is feared to significantly increase over the coming days.

President Nyusi of Mozambique said that Cyclone Idai may have killed more than 1,000 people in Mozambique alone and that hundreds of thousands of lives are currently at risk.

If President Nyusi’s estimated death toll is confirmed, Cyclone Idai would be the deadliest tropical cyclone on record to have hit southern Africa.

Mozambique has seen a pattern of deadly floods being worsened by devastating cyclones in the past, most notably in February 2000, when Tropical Cyclone Eline hit the southern parts of the country, killing 350 people and displacing 650,000 people across Southern Africa.

DEC member charities and their southern Africa partners are working closely with national authorities to provide food, clean water, first aid and shelter, while helping survivors to cope with the trauma of the last few days.

As the full scale of devastation unfolds, they are ready to do even more, and with your help, support devastated communities in rebuilding their lives. Let’s help the survivors.

More information about Cyclone Idai can be found on the BBC’s website:

All of the DEC’s broadcast partners, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, and others have now agreed to support the DEC Cyclone Idai Appeal. Community radio stations, hospital radio, prison radio, and Internet radio stations may all participate in the Appeal.

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