Data to use for funders etc

Hi All,
If you are working on strategic planning, funding bids, partnership agreements etc for your organisation, a really useful resource is

Here’s an example - I’ve searched for the CMA office by postcode, S1 2BX
and the map shows me that this area is in the 30% most deprived for the UK

Then you can focus on more specific data, using this toolbar

I’ve selected education and skills
and it tells me that this is in the 20% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country regarding education and skills.

Often this resource backs up what we instinctively know about where we live and work, for example that life is difficult for older people there, or that crime is a big problem.

Has anyone else used this tool, or would like to recommend similar resources that have been helpful?


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Thanks @lucinda this is very useful :grinning:

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