Cross station approach to training & skills

The links between education, media, training and skills are central to my strategic approach locally, regionally and nationally. Over the next two months my community radio tours will focus on the Somerset region. In part this will be a feasibility study for a cross station training project that upskills the sector as well as impacting on employability, health and wellbeing for people in the region.
I’d be interested to hear from anyone who knows of any cross station approach to training, current or past. Also of interest are any training collaborations between a community station and other charities / groups with an employability focus.
Dom Chambers
Radio Manager & Charity CEO
Somer Valley FM & Somer Valley Education Trust CIO
T: 01761 568004
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An excellent move Dom - I’ve direct-mailed you some suggestions and will put some more together.

and useful suggestions they are. Many thanks Ian.