Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Public Service Announcements on Community Radio

With regard to the current situation concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) and broadcasting public service announcements on community radio, the Community Media Association (CMA) has been in contact with NHS England, Public Health England, Public Health Wales, Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland), Health Protection Scotland, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and the Department of Health and Social Care.

The CMA also is now in touch via Cabinet Office with contacts within the government media buying and planning agency and we await their response. We have been advised that at present there are on-going discussions in the Cabinet Office about a public communications strategy. These kinds of campaigns are generally led or coordinated by the Cabinet Office communications team.

The CMA is making the case to government that community radio is very well organised to support the media campaign on this issue and we will keep the sector posted of developments in this regard.

This is the current UK Government information updated as of 5th April:

And the public health guidance for employers has been published here

You will no doubt be aware that I initiated our own PSA derived totally from Government and NHS published information which is being carried by a number of CR stations and was today updated and re-published by HotRadio in Poole

Where can we get hold of this PSA, Ian?

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There are campaign resources here from Public Health England, @nigel.dallard

Thanks @billbest.
PHE have released updated resources at that URL today.

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Many thanks, @nigel.dallard - I’ll circulate that. Certainly, the situation is evolving rapidly. All the best for now.

Home Isolation Advice - Public Information Materials - updated on 17.03.2020

Home isolation advice for the general public.

For further information please go to the NHS health advice page on home isolation.

Please be aware that this is an evolving situation and public advice may change. Materials will be updated and changed as appropriate so please check for the latest version.

Home isolation materials, files included:

  • PDF posters (A4)
  • Self-isolation leaflet (A5 and A4)
  • Social media resources (signs and symptoms)
  • Radio advertisement
  • Digital out of home 6 sheet

Coming soon

  • Print-friendly posters
  • Social media animations
  • Digital screens

Published on 17.03.2020
Updated on 17.03.2020


/cc @nigel.dallard @Nigel

You beat me to it @billbest :slightly_smiling_face: It came out at some point this afternoon. Just uploaded it to our playout system and scheduled it. It’s also just gone out to all hospital radio stations.

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Many thanks @nigel.dallard - I think it’s better to use the official sources as the pack comes with other useful assets. All the best for now :+1:

Stay Home, Save Lives - Public Information Materials - Updated on 01.04.2020

Files are in a zip folder and include:

  • PDF posters including print friendly version - (Various translations - Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Urdu, Romani, Welsh)
  • Digital screens - various sizes and web banners
  • Social content - media animation and static frames
  • Email signature – JPG and PNG
  • Radio advertisement (Polish version included)
  • DOOH 6 sheet

Published on 24/03/2020
Updated on 01/04/2020 to include PDF posters in various translations and radio ad

There’s another PSA in the latest campaign released yesterday too - “Anyone can spread it”.


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Try this link @nigel.dallard - should be good for a few days:

You may have seen this on Twitter:

Winchester Radio got hold of the producers and they’ve provider me the full pack of radio edits, and the MP4 so I can share with the hospital and community radio sector. I’ve uploaded the ZIP file to

Feel free to download and use on any community radio station, but please don;t post the download URL publicly. Much more engaging than the PHE ones :slightly_smiling_face:


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Many thanks @nigel.dallard :+1: