Good afternoon everyone. What an awesome group!! I hope you don’t mind me sharing this good news story :smile:

Following the election results last month, a Facebook group was formed in order to bring people together and raise money and donations, particularly for families who needed to access food banks over Christmas.

The group ‘snowballed’ and now has almost 20,000 members! It raised over £7000 for homeless charity Centrepoint and thousands of posts flooded in with peoples donations. We were blown away!

This month our challenge we’re focusing on homelessness and we’d love to ask people to get involved by taking part in the challenge and/or joining the group.

#CCC Facebook Group

I’ve created an info pack about the challenge which you can see :here. I’d be delighted if you could take a peak!

And of course, if anyone would like to chat to us, please let me know and we can do a call on any show.

Thank you so much.
Look forward to meeting some of you at the next conference!

Sarah Amanda Allison