Conference 2019 Workshop Ideas

One of the ideas that Bill and I knocked about when we visited the BETT education technology event, was to try to put more hands-on workshops into conference. Such as:

  • How to repair xlr and headphone cables.
  • How to install radio-playout automation software, such as Rivendell.
  • Getting the best from microphones?

Would these be likely to be useful?

Jolly good, see you all there all being equal, although I hope it will be vastly different to last years… Always a great day for sure though whatever happens there…

The feedback from last year’s conference indicated that the hands-on, creative sessions, rather than the talking-based sessions, went down really well. While we still need the opportunity to discuss issues and topics that are of concern to the community media movements generally, it will be exciting to do this in a hands-on way that allows for a wider range of interests.

It would be good to come up with some creative and inventive ideas that we think will get people participating and enjoying doing things with media.

A session on how to do Vlogging would be interesting.

What other activities do we think would be engaging?


I would like to see people like Vanessa Beeley, Gearoid O’Colmain, proper independent journalists who are actually telling the truth, give presentations, rather than last years Chatham Houseesque crap We Are The Future I had to endure last year… It struck me, as a bit, well, ya know…

I would be weary of suggesting that the hard work of others to present something to conference @PaulNewman can be written off simply as

However, we do need to have a robust discussion as to what independent reporting and news means in practices. To do this we need to form aliances with others who also take this matter seriously.

Are you attending the Media Democracy Festival?

Perhaps you can organise a conference workshop that brings people together to discuss these issues. Maybe make it into a podcast format that can be shared and exchanged after the day?

I’m sure there is lots more we can discuss about news bias and accountable journalism?

What are the partnerships we have with the College of Community Journalism in Cardiff?

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Hello Rob, how are you. I wish had the facilities to be able to put something together, maybe one day, I certainly never rule anything out… It’s frustrating not being able to even secure a premises to even start to put a team together on the ground, as opposed to online… I’ve attended the last, four I think conferences, and I certainly noted a change last time, it still didn’t stop me enjoying it though, the events, i would attend more, but mainly due to costs, travel mainly, trains are expensive, I find it hard to catch up with you all as much as I would like, that’s for sure…

I’ve listnened to hours of Chatham House content, and I stand by my comment. I couldn’t abide to hear George Osborne and the City Of London promoted there, it is what it is, the money for these events has to come from somewhere doesn’t it, I have always said that the day everyone agrees is the day we are all doomed anyway, so it certainly won’t stop me buying tixckets and getting there to events when I can.

All the best yeh,


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Media On Trial, what an event that is, some great speakers there…

I think Vanessa Beeley mentions that very article in this presentation… Fair to say they are on to the Guardian UK Column, without any shadow of a doubt… I’m amazed anyone believes it…