Community Reporting Interview

Hello all, I hope all is well…

I am looking to interview John Coster, who has given many an excellent speech at conference on Community reporting, with a view to hopefully inspiring the sleeping people of Peterborough to make their own news, via Skype.

I have seen the Documentarty Media Centre website, but there is no contact number on it, so I am hoping that somebody in here, I have tried to call Rob Watson also to no avail, could help me get in touch, so I could call him and arrange it.

Any help greatly appreciated, and in the meantime, any links to YouTube videos on Community Reporting that the CMA recommends would be helpful also.

I hope to hear from somebody soon.

Best Wishes,


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HI @PaulNewman

I think John’s on holiday at the moment - I’ll DM you my mobile number and watch out for your call - might be best to text me then I can call back if I’m tied up :slight_smile:

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Hello Rob, I hope all is well… Thanks for taking the time to get back to me… I’ve seen the message with your number in, and will text you mine at a more reasonable time… Speak to you soon hopefully, all the best, Paul

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