Community Radio Fund - 81 community radio stations receive funding

Almost one third of UK community radio stations will receive grant support from the Community Radio Fund to help them through the Covid-19 pandemic, Ofcom announced today.

During the current public health crisis, community radio stations are providing a reassuring local voice to millions of people. However, many have also faced severe financial challenges. In response, the UK government announced emergency funding to help them meet the costs of providing vital programming to local communities.

The Community Radio Fund Panel, which acts independently of Ofcom, has awarded grants to 81 community radio stations totalling just over £333,000.

The Panel made as many awards as possible in line with the eligibility criteria and government guidance, and has set out its approach and reasoning when assessing and deciding on applications.

Ofcom will be inviting applications for a further emergency funding round in approximately six weeks’ time, with a view to awarding the outstanding funds available (£67,000). This will allow stations a further opportunity to apply for financial support, and additional time to assess their operations and financial positions.

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