Community Radio Awards 2017

Thought I should start a thread for the Community Radio Awards!

I am excited for the 2017 awards (tonight) and will post the results here!

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Looking forward to this!

Alright Martin, good idea, this post seems as good a place as any to ask, are there any photo uploads, I wouldn’t mind getting the ones taken with me in it, for my page… Also, the audio from the first Radio Regen presentation as well, thanks in advance, all the best…

Hiya photos can be found here

as for the regen presentation you might want to chat to @cormac

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cheers martin, it’s been a long day, I meant conference lol, I misread the post and have just realised lol… I’ll have a ganders and see if they are there as well…

Top photos fair play to you all… Thinking about it, I can’t see why I can’t stick something together for my next show, so if anybody wants to be interviewed by me for it, let me know…

Hi Martin, can my organisation vote in the CMA Awards, or does it have to be a CMA member? I thought I’d ask before I started looking at it lol… Thanks in advance, best wishes, Paul

Hiya @PaulNewman,

The Community Radio Awards are not organised by the CMA we are independent so to enter all the categories (except two) you dont need to be CMA members just Ofcom Licensed and broadcasting CR station.

Stations or organisations dont vote for the awards, its done via judges, but I assume you mean enter?


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Hello Martin, thanks for the clarification, No, I meant vote, I was under the impression that members of the public, listeners etc, voted for the winners, no wonder the same people win all the time then… I was looking to vote for the winners personally, as I’m not looking to get my orgainsations work involved, due to me not being an FM Broadcaster. It’s a shame there is no public involvement regarding the voting, I look forward to the next survey, to suggest it… All the best…

Hi Paul,

No we dont hold any public vote for the awards, because then it becomes who has the biggest social media or audience pull, not a reflection on the quality and best practice of the award.

Also, I would challenge the perception that the same people win all the time, anyone who receives a Gold award is unable to enter that category again the following year, we also have a wide variety of judges that are made up from academics, community development practitioners and people from BBC, Community Radio and Commercial Radio.

They have to judge each entry on 5 elements and score in those areas, and there is no discussion or organisation between the judges (in fact they dont normally know how the other judges of that category is).

I am really the only person who has full administration access to the full system (well other trustees are involved to provide additional set of independent eyes), last year I didnt judge any entries myself as wanted to stay completely independent of the judging process.

My thanks


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Hi Martin, I just feel public acknowledgement is more important, it doesn’t matter how good the programmes are, if the public is not listenting to them, but yeh I get what you are saying, we can’t have the pesky public deciding anything can we :slight_smile: I mean they may not vote the way people want, let’s just tell them what is good, and not let them decide for themselves…I will still be recommending a public vote on any surveys I receive, as I feel it’s a good idea.

Please could you tell me how many stations that won in the 2016 awards, won again in 2017, irrespective of category… I looked at the past winners section on the website, but only 2016 was there. It’s just the general vibe I get, that the same organisations are always nominated, and always winning, but of course, if the evidence doesn’t back that up, I will be the first to apologise to you personally…

Hiya Paul,

I think the issue with a public vote is it then boils down to the stations who have a bigger social media presence or audience, how do you balance out niche stations or stations from small rural communities with audiences in the 10’s of thousands against large metro stations with audiences in the hundreds of thousands… Not to mention those communities that dont really engage online (like older) against youth stations. Any sort of public vote is open to tampering, gaming or manipulation, so I would always question the integrity.

Our awards are judges by judges that can recognise good radio practice and good community radio, and its celebrating that good practice, sharing good practice and championing the sector and the good it does is the main role of the awards.

As for previous awards you can find 2017 results here and 2016 results here

Yes there are some stations that have done well in both years, but what you dont see is the wider context, some stations only enter a few entries, whilst other enter multiple entries for many of the categories, and in that case it becomes statistically higher that station will receive awards, equally for example Spark FM is a really good station station and also enters and wins both the student radio awards and the new york radio awards, so you could say they have more experience with awards processes… in fact I think in the first year you could see those stations that had previous experience with student, radio academy or hospital awards did do slightly better (my gut feeling). But with all this, there isnt much more you can do.

We put in place the step that if you receive gold one year, you can not enter that catergory the following year, as I didnt want the same stations receiving the same awards every year, and am open for extra ideas on ways we can balance and develop the awards.

The best way for me is to encourage more stations to enter the awards, and more entries, and continue to develop and widen the judging pool. I dont know what your experience with CR or CM is, but maybe you are the sort of person we want to invite to join our judges.

My thanks


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hello Martin, for some reason, I never got an e-mail notification that you had replied, so apologies… Thank you very much, and I’ll have a read when I get a chance, I only popped in to ask a question, good luck with the awards this year…

Best Wishes,