Community Radio (Amendment) Order - Survey

In order to progress the development of small-scale DAB licensing, DCMS will need to develop the detail of the new arrangements with a view to seeking legislation when parliamentary time allows.

The proposals will require changes to the Broadcasting Act 1990, the Broadcasting Act 1996 and the Communications Act 2003. Under the Broadcasting (Radio Multiplex Services) Act 2017, these changes can be made by secondary legislation and using powers in s262 of the Communication Act 2003.

Whilst amending the above-mentioned legislation to provision for small-scale DAB, DCMS will also have the opportunity to update some of the measures that govern community radio - specifically the Community Radio (Amendment) Order 2015.

DCMS has asked the Community Media Association to consult with the sector to obtain views on the best way forward concerning issues such as fourth term licence renewals and the commercial restrictions on those community radio stations which might overlap with a small commercial service with a potential audience of fewer than 150,000 adults.

The CMA will gather responses to this survey and forward them to DCMS for their consideration and possible inclusion in a new Community Radio (Amendment) Order which is expected next year in 2019.

Please detail below the specific concerns that you would like a new Community Radio (Amendment) Order to address. We will close this mini-consultation on Friday 30th November.

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If this is the consultation about 4th term renewals, everyone who has applied recently for a license and been unsuccessful must be made aware of this so that they can or their views in.

Otherwise it is not representative of the community radio sector as a whole.

You all know my thoughts on 4th term license renewals.


Thanks @SamHunt. I’ll submit your views to DCMS.

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