Community media, Community art production and Democratic knowledge

I’ve just seen this on the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) mail list, and though it might be useful, Rob.

Dear all, The videos of the Respublika! seminar, that took place on 24 November
2017 at the NAC in Limassol, Cyprus, are now available at

The title of the Seminar was “Community media, Community art production and Democratic knowledge”, and this was its abstract:

The artistic-democratic capacities of communities and their organisations are often underestimated and neglected, pushed aside by traditional top-down structures, and leadership, expertise and professional models. This seminar aims to critically explore the artistic-democratic capacities of communities and their organisations, identify problems, obstacles and restrictions, and look ahead at the conditions of possibility for the continued democratisation of the social and its many fields.

We had four great speakers:

Vuk Ćosić (SI) - From Nettime via Syndicate to 7-11

Pascal Gielen (BE) - Community Art, A Neoliberal Solution for the Deconstruction of the Welfare State?

Helen Hahmann (DE) - Highjacking Radio Art. Artistic practice in Community Radio

Nicos Trimikliniotis (CY) - Beyond austerity citizenship and nationalistic communalism in Cypriot ‘community media’: social media, digitalities and emancipation – towards a mobile commons

Moderation and introduction: Nico Carpentier (BE/SE), Respublika! curator

With kind regards,
Nico Carpentier
R! curator

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Thanks for this - good to have these materials as it is not aways easy to get to overseas conferences
Best wishes

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This looks good - I know Helen Hahmann from the Radio Revolten festival last year.

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