Community engagement - Initiate App


Initiate App is a community engagement app scheduled for launch in October 2020:

What is Initiate App?

There is an Explainer Video here:

Initiate App is a dedicated community engagement platform designed to address community challenges. It does this through three key attributes:

  • Enable more people to get involved in volunteering opportunities, by addressing perceived and actual barriers to participation
  • Facilitate improved collaboration between business and non-profit organisations toward common objectives in our communities
  • Provide wider visibility into community needs and organization activities

What does Initiate aim to achieve?

  • Match volunteers to tasks they have indicated they are happy to fulfil, at a time convenient to them
  • Profile campaign initiatives to match non-profit projects within and across communities; yielding best-practice templates, knowledge sharing, and other collaboration incentives
  • Provide wider visibility of community challenges, and actions being taken by business as well as non-profit organisations to address these issues

Please feel free to request additional information on the initiative, or raise any queries you might have.

Kind regards,

Erick Nwanshi (Founder)

0781 332 8681