Commercial Production


Hello there. Even though I’ve worked in Commercial Radio for over 30 years, I’ve only just joined the CMA.

In principle, I’m concerned how Global and Bauer has had such a devastating effect on ‘local radio’. So much so I’d like to offer my ‘commercial production’ services to whoever could benefit.

I’m a bit of an anorak when it comes to ‘LOCAL’ radio and appreciate most stations do like to handle this aspect in-house, in particular to train people well in the sector. However, there are occasions, when only a professional commercial will satisfy the client. To that end, I’m offering a one-voice commercial written and fully produced and delivered for just £70+VAT. If the script is supplied, that drops to just £60, PLUS after I’ve produced Five commercials for a station. they get the Sixth one absolutely free.

My contact details are below and I’d much prefer to be kept busy servicing smaller stations any day of the week.

My very best regards

Alexander Mullen


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