CMFE News - Judith Purkarthofer, CMFE

The Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) held its very successful General Assembly at the CMA conference in Sheffield on the 15th of September 2018. Already on Friday evening, Steve Buckley welcomed us to Access Space where the President of CMFE, Judith Purkarthofer and board members Birgitte Jallov and Urszula Doliwa spoke about community media in Europe with a focus on media production and self-advocacy of migrants in Europe, the magic of community media as a tool for change in Africa, and the state of community media in Poland in the last 30 years.

During the General Assembly, David Rushton (ILT, UK) and Jean Ngendahimana (Migration heute, GER) were elected as new members of our board of directors and with them we are working towards recognition of community media as a third sector in the European media landscape.

After some months of thinking and planning, the participants at the General Assembly were also presented with CMFE’s new strategic plan, published now on our website. This autumn, CMFE will take part in several meetings, and we will be present in the Committee of experts on quality journalism in the digital age at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and we will highlight the role of community media for media and information literacy.

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