CMA Working Group - Learning, Research & Social Impact Terms of Reference

In order to facilitate and develop the work of the CMA Council, we’ve established working groups that we can use to get into issues in more detail and spread the workload more widely.

The aim of the working groups is to enable members and supporters to help develop our policy development work, to respond to issues more quickly and inclusively as they occur, and to plan for changes that are affecting community media more generally, such as legislation, economic and technology developments.

Each working group is being facilitated by a council member:

  • Platforms, Content & Sharing - Danny Lawrence @danlaw1
  • Advocacy, Policy & Legislation - Gloria Kamkar @gkhamkar
  • Marketing & Communications - Lol Gellor @lolgellor
  • Learning, Research & Social Impact - Rob Watson @Rob-Watson
  • Management & Development - Janey Gordon @janey.gordon
  • Conference, Events & Training - Terry Lee @TerryLee

Each working group is being asked to produce a Terms of Reference (TOR). This will use to define the scope of the work that is being focussed on, and will set out the way it will consult with members and partners, and how it will share and report the outcomes of its discussions and activities.

I’m looking after the Learning, Research and Social Impact working group, and I’ve drafted a TOR. I’m hoping to share the development of the working group with supporters and partners, in a way that is open and collaborative, and which brings-in a wide range of views and perspectives about the way that we facilitate and support work in these areas.

If you would like to be involved and help to get the working group up and running, helping to fill in the details, offer any thoughts and insight, or share any good ideas and practices that you’ve come across, then your contribution would be most appreciated. Just take a look at the Google Doc linked here, and either leave a comment on the document, or reply to this thread.

I’m looking forward to talking with different practitioners and researchers, and sharing ideas about the social impact of community media, as this is a task I have a strong personal commitment for. I believe if we can establish a trusting and open way sharing ideas and examples, then we can develop and build some useful tools for evaluating and thinking about the impact of community media more generally.

Rob :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this Rob, I’d be really glad to be involved in this.

I’ve only just started my PhD and my area of interest is currently the way in which the business model affects the ability of community news media to deliver news and reporting. I am the co-founder and Editor of Star & Crescent, a community news not for profit based in Portsmouth. We aim to work with local communities to share stories that are missing from the local mainstream.

If I can be of any assistance in supporting this working group, please let me know.

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Cheers @SarahCheverton - it will be great to learn more about your work and how you support community news. Perhaps we can record a podcast over Skype?


I’d love that Rob! Let me know when you’re thinking and we’ll arrange a date! I love a good podcast, me :slight_smile:

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Excellent @SarahCheverton when is a good time for you to chat? I have some time next week?

Great @Rob-Watson Is next Friday any good? Do you want to email me at and we’ll set something up?

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