CMA/Radiocentre Meeting, Friday 23rd November 2018

CMA/Radiocentre Meeting, Friday 23rd November 2018

Location: 55 New Oxford Street, London

Small-Scale Radio Report

Our discussion was open and robust. Radiocentre wanted to make the point that small commercial stations are feeling that they are squeezed out by some community stations. Their intention was to highlight to Ofcom and DCMS that there is a need to collect better data in this area and that the concerns of their smaller member stations should be taken into account, particularly for stations in Wales, Scotland and those serving specific ethnic groups. Radiocentre has a blog post here.

Radiocentre clarified their role and stated that they are not a ‘lobby’ group. The CMA reiterated the points that had been made in our published response, and that a focus on social gain is an area in which the two sectors can seek common ground, and Radiocentre’s recognition of community radio’s role in delivering social gain benefits would be welcome.

Areas for Collaboration

Young Arias: it was agreed that the Young ARIAS are a good way to promote access to radio and inclusivity. Nominations opened in October 2018, with the first awards ceremony taking place in May 2019 during Radio Audio Week:

Creative Access: we agreed that the Creative Access campaign is a leading inclusivity activity in the creative industries on a not-for-profit basis. There is a masterclass planned for 16th January which can be cross-promoted in the CMA newsletter.

Radio Academy: It was noted that Sean Childerley has been appointed as Managing Director of the Rado Academy, and that a joint discussion about managing collaborative events could be productive. The CMA will also be making contact with Dr Yvonne Thompson – Chair of Radio Academy

SSDAB Collaborative Events: The possibility of working together on some joint events related to the SSDAB application process was discussed, and the potential for collaboration in technical planning. The CMA indicated that it would be useful to report back to DCMS that a collaborative approach on SSDAB mux operation is encouraged where it was considered to be appropriate.

Radiocentre Tools: Radiocentre indicated that there are a number of tools on their website that might be useful as a good resource for planning and development of radio services for community radio. We agreed to share on the CMA Chat Forum.