CMA Ofcom Meeting Notes 21st February 2019

CMA / Ofcom quarterly meeting - Agenda
2pm-3:30pm, Thursday 21st February 2019
Ofcom Riverside House,
2a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA

  1. Matters arising from the last meeting

  2. Update from Ofcom on coverage extensions and improvements process

  3. Update from Ofcom on SSDAB

  4. Supplementary questions - see attached

  5. Update from Ofcom Community Radio Fund

  6. Update from Ofcom on Community Radio Annual Reports

  7. Update from Ofcom on Annual Plan meetings

  8. Update from Ofcom on Round 4 licensing

  9. Update from CMA on Forward Work Plan: The Radio Hub, Community Media Connects, Conference

  10. AOB

Meeting_Notes_210219.pdf (65.5 KB) and Sector_Questions_210219.pdf (87.2 KB)