CMA Ofcom Meeting 21st February 2019

The Community Media Association met with Ofcom on Thursday 21st February.

Some questions were supplied by members and the sector and notes on the questions are given in the link below.

The questions were as follows:

  1. Considering the scarcity of analogue spectrum, does Ofcom have any intentions to reconsider their policy not to readvertise licences if they are not renewed or handed back?

  2. Does Ofcom have any considerations for further analogue licensing rounds if the SSDAB legislation is delayed?

  3. Will a snap General Election or ‘People’s Vote’ effect SSDAB progress?

  4. Community radio sector members have asked - does Ofcom have a problem with community radio stations branding themselves on air as “local radio”?

  5. Regarding the Community Radio Fund final reports, can they be published or the results announced so that the sector can see what has worked and not worked especially on combined projects?

  6. Regarding a community radio station that was reported last December to be found in breach, can it be confirmed that Ofcom only investigated the reported complaint about offensive language in a music track and did not embark on a ‘fishing expedition’ to investigate content that had not been originally reported to them?

  7. Is Ofcom able to “ban” the song mentioned in Ofcom’s December Bulletin that caused a station to be found in breach? Surely it could be played later during the day in a specialist programme maybe? It just seemed a bit draconian bearing in mind this was on everybody’s playlist “back in the day”.

  8. Ramadan FM in Leicester would like to appeal against the decision to not award them an RSL for 2019. They would like Ofcom to be made aware that there is diversity within the Muslim community and there will be underserved Muslim communities in Leicester this Ramadan despite a number of Islamic stations broadcasting in the city.

  9. How can mini-mux operators be compliant where muxes are carrying more than 20 services? The current parameters and regulations are not clear on what constitutes compliance.

  10. Some mini-mux operators would like to develop their platform by, for example installing a second transmitter. So far Ofcom has not permitted them to do under the terms of the technical trial - however, a few trial locations have been allowed to add additional repeater transmitters. Can trial mux operators now be allowed to submit a change request in order, for example, to address weak coverage in their area?

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Sounds like a very one way meeting. Never mind

Well done guys, sounds like there is the plan.
On another note…my only worry is how Ofcom handles complaints from a third party. i don’t believe it is the intention of any CR station to break rules, however sometimes it can happen. I was helping a station in this predicament and what we wanted to know if this one individual whose lectures were broadcast surely Ofcom can supply access to a database of banned artists,groups and individuals it considers as serious breach for any station.

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