'CMA Connects' Opportunity


Want to work with professionals? We have news of an exciting work experience opportunity for a new industry hopeful.

Our Chair, Dom Chambers, is offering work experience to someone who is keen to get into the audio and radio industry. This is for an emerging creative talent with a passion for producing audio content.

Primarily, the opportunity might be of most interest to students or young people under 25 years but applications are open to all and is offered to those in the CMA who are either an individual member or part of a member’s organisation. This is not a geographically located opportunity and will be remote supported. The is a volunteer placement but could lead to paid work.

Dom, who has been a radio professional for over 25 years and who is also a trustee of The Radio Academy, says:

”I see great strategic value in bringing fresh creative talent, with new ideas and a good grasp of technology, together with seasoned professionals in a happy, nonjudgmental and productive space. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is deeply driven to get on in the fantastic broadcast industry. That is a passion that I will easily recognise! While I am excited by mentoring a new recruit, I also see this a chance for an industry hopeful to work on an equal footing with professionals.”

Johnny Jenkins of Gateway 97.8 FM says:

“I first volunteered with the CMA hosting the annual Community Media Conference aged 16. It’s given me many opportunities within community radio and beyond. It’s helped me make contacts and grow my network. I would encourage anyone to get involved.”

Bill Best, CMA Operations Manager says:

“The CMA is looking forward to working with someone who is seeking to take their first steps into the media industry. ‘CMA Connects’ is a chance for the right person with a keen interest in the media to get to know the industry, make some contacts, expand their skillset, and put something impressive on their CV”.

Anyone interested should send a cover letter, CV, and a 2-minute audio piece saying why they should be offered this opportunity. For more information and to submit applications, please email chair@commedia.org.uk.