CMA Conference Debates - Help Needed

The 2019 CMA Conference is taking place on Saturday 28th September at BBC, Media City, Salford.

Rather than having extended discussion sessions in the main room, this year we want to experiment with the format of the conference and host a series of podcast debates in one of the breakout rooms.

The idea is to hold four or five sessions were invited guests are able to sit around a table and talk, discuss and debate for about forty minutes.

Conference attendees will be able to select a discussion that they want to listen to, and attend for those sessions throughout the day, or attend one of the alternative workshops that will be running.

I’ve agreed to plan, host and organise the debates, and to sponsor the strand for my podcast, Decentered Media.

I’m looking for help to prepare and produce the sessions. This can include helping to identify themes and speakers; it can include helping with the technical set-up and the logistics for the sessions; it can include scripting and research for the sessions, and it can include co-presenting and editorial support.

I’m keen that we discuss topics that are future-focussed, the kind of issues that we need to get our heads around in the future.

My thoughts so far have been:

  • How will the blockchain revolution facilitate independent community media networks?
  • Music that goes beyond the playlist – what the next generation of independent music producers can offer?
  • Media as community development – what can we learn from the social sector?
  • International perspectives on community media innovation?
  • Regulation and trust – how do we deal with the democratic deficit?

At this point these are general ideas that will evolve and be reshaped as the planning moves forward.

The obvious question is who will we invite to speak on the panels, and what will be the balance of different opinions?

So I’m looking for volunteers who can help put this strand of debates together. If you are interested either reply here, add something to the Google Doc below, or message me directly via @rob-watson.

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