CMA Community Radio Network Meeting - Local Radio Day, 12pm 25th September

September’s CMA Community Radio Network Meeting at 12pm on Saturday 25th September will feature Dom Chambers, CMA Chair, and Maxine Stride from the Local Radio Alliance.

Local Radio Day will take place on Friday, 15th October. The day, organised by the Local Radio Alliance since 2019, is an occasion to not only celebrate but also strengthen the connections that local radio brings – to communities, to industry professionals, and to individuals.

Local Radio Day was created in 2015 by UKRD and brings together local stations on a national level.In recent years, local radio has achieved new heights of relevance; the need to unite during isolation, to join meaningful and supportive networks, has never been greater. Local radio has proved an invaluable medium to facilitate such connections.

The Local Radio Day Zoom session will start at 12pm on Saturday 25th September.

Please put the date in your diary and we look forward to seeing you in the call.

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