CMA AGM 2018 Thanks

Thanks to everyone who attended the CMA AGM yesterday. It was great to see so many people come from all parts of the country. Particular thanks and best wishes go to Lucinda, who has stepped back from being chair and from council, and will be focussing on leading an innovative community radio project and research. Lucinda’s report on the council’s activities for the year can be read here:

CMA-AGM-Chairs-Report-001-2018-12-09.pdf (101.6 KB)

Thanks also go to Javed, Cormac, Hannah and Dom, who have also stepped back from council this year. I’m sure we all wish them a successful future in their new projects, and share our thanks for the dedication and service they have shown to the CMA and the wider community media movement.

We have two new councillors, in addition to Danny and myself returning to council. Thanks to Janey and Gloria for stepping forward and offering your expertise and insight that will help us develop and promote the CMA as an inclusive and progressive voice, particularly as we move forward and become a charity. The renewal of our mission to develop civic and socially engaged media is needed now more than ever, and as we become a stronger advocate for social gain, we will continue to campaign for the right for all people to make and engage with media for themselves and for their communities.

There are some follow-up conversations and consltatons to be organised, so watch this space for updates and calls for input and advice. As ever many thanks go to Bill for organising the AGM and ensuring that it ran smoothly. We are also very grateful for the BBC for allowing us to meet at Broadcasting House, to Radio Hub and Hindenberg for sponsoring the lunch.

Please keep your eye on the CMA Chat Forum for updates, consultations and discussions about community media. Please keep the stories coming through so we can share them in the CMA Newsletter.

Best wishes



I thought it was a most wonderfull wonderful and interesting day.

One thing I have seen in the past at other events is a list of visitors and what organisation they are from put up on a board. Visitors also get the option to have a 10 word brief about their organisation added. Then on the networking bit if you see someone you may be interested to speak to then you can keep your eye out for them.


Thank you to everyone who was there to make the CMA AGM 2018 a great success. It was nice to finish off the day with the assistance of @Jennifer and minus @lolgellor who was up a mountain we heard, to deliver the CMA Working Group BBC Survey to our members.
I want to particularly thank @Bill_Best for his continued support and over the last few years @lucinda and @Hannah_Viewpoint for their guidance on steadying the ship as they say for the future. I welcome those returning on council and welcome Janey and Gloria who will be valuable contributors.
I will be back but will use this year from afar aka Scotland and looking forward to seeing everyone at the #CMAConference19 where ever that maybe.
Lastly Community Radio is a wonderful platform built by volunteers and supported by CMA at the top table and we will support the CMA and Council in 2019 and beyond.
Special last thanks to @sana @Jennifer @Lol_Gellor who make it easier for me to give my viewpoint and love dearly. Will miss the CMA Family. Aur revoir as they say.


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