Civil society strategy consultation: have your say

Have your say on how Government can work with and for civil society to tackle challenges and unlock opportunities to build a stronger society now and in the future.

This consultation closes at 9am on 22 May 2018.

From supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society to the work of charities, community groups and businesses helping good causes, civil society is part of the fabric of our society.

The Government wants to have an open conversation about civil society, what is working well, and what Government can do to strengthen it further. If you want to help create a stronger civil society, we want you to share your ideas on how Government can work with and support civil society to:

  • support people - including young people - to play an active role in building a stronger society
  • unlock the full potential of the private and public sectors to support social good
  • help improve communities to make them better places to live and work in
  • build stronger public services

More details:

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This looks very important and a timely opportunity to make a case for more support for community media. If we can pool reading the consultation material, and identify the main points it will help for us to put together a coordinated CMA response. I’ll add this to my to-do list, and see if I can identify any key priorities that I think might be relevant.