Civil Society Futures Report - Next Steps

After the publication of the Civil Society Futures report last year, there is a chance to follow up and contribute to a dicussion about how the objectives of developing a vibrant approach to civic society can be met. It’s recognised by the organisers of the Civic Society Futures project that:

For deep-rooted, sustained change across England we need a more systemic approach. We’ve been fortunate to get a grant from the Community Fund (formerly the Big lottery Fund) to allow us to look deeper at three major areas – and propose major, concrete changes and bodies of work for now and the years ahead that we hope will receive support from civil society:

What sort of leadership – paid and unpaid – does civil society need at all levels to rise to the challenge of our fast-changing society?
What needs to change in our ecosystem (that complex environment which shapes and informs so much of what we do)? What do the government, regulators, funders and others need to do and stop doing?
And what do we need to do to make the PACT more relevant, accessible and used by organisations, groups and movements of different kinds? We want it to be practical and in widespread use across civil society.

You can sign-up to add your throughts here: