Citizen Journalism News Network

I have been able to secure significant funding to set up a pilot stage of a citizen journalism news network in Cornwall. The aim being to empower citizen journalists at two remote community stations, through a combination of face-to-face teaching and an innovative mobile app, to begin to share relevant news items between themselves.

My question here is this: Is anyone who is attending the conference next week interested in having lunch with me to discuss previous experiences/future opportunities/possible pitfalls etc etc etc…?

I would be interested in finding out a lot more about your project

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Sounds really interesting. It might be worth asking for an announcement at the start just to point people in your direction as well. Will be plenty of people with experience of similar work about.

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Thanks, I will introduce myself to you Martin when I arrive. I don’t want to distract from the main work of the conference but would welcome the ability to speak with anyone who is interested.

Hi Matt, I head up the news team at Radio Cardiff and am interested!

Hello Rhys,

I was very glad to catch you in the atrium on Saturday and hear about the professional but easy to use set up that you’ve created for Radio Cardiff. I’m hoping to head up the M5 again before long and it would be really good to pop in and see how you run your system in the studio, if you have the time that is.

With best wishes,


Hi Matthew,
Was good to see you at conference. Would love to talk more about this soon.