Charles Parker Prize 2019

The Charles Parker Trust have shared the details of the award for 2019 for the Best Student Radio Feature. The competition will be open for Entries from 1000 on Monday 19th November with a final deadline of 2359 Monday February 2019.

Our awards seek to capture some of the timeless originality that Charles Parker brought to his programmes, and especially to his legendary music-based documentation of working men’s and women’s lives, the Radio Ballads, such as The Ballad of John Axon and Singing the Fishing .

For CPA 2019, we’re looking for programmes that innovatively capture the spirit of ordinary lives, their voices and their tunes, reinvented for the digital, multiplatform age. Your entry will have a sparklingly original idea, use the medium of radio feature to explore it to the full with humanity and imagination and, of course, make for a riveting audio presentation with story telling at its heart.

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