CD players: recommendations?

We at Phonic FM are in the process of replacing some of our more elderly kit. In particular, our Tascam CD-01 CD players. Does anyone in the community have recommendations for new machines? What do you use? They’ll need to…

  • Be robust, able to cope with the rough and tumble of 80+ people using them every month (the slot loading Tascams have always been a little delcate in this respect)
  • Able to happily play audio burnt to CD-Rs (something the Tascam’s are quite fussy about)
  • Countdown and pause at the end of each track
  • Support fader/event start (ie, allow us to play/pause from the mixing desk)

Ideally they’d be 1u rack-mounted, but we’d consider table-top CDJ machines too.


Hey - I’d be interested in finding this out too.

We’re in the process of replacing our Numark CDN77-USBs, which have proven unreliable for us, and we’re looking for a robust replacement.

The units we’re replacing each take up 4U (2U for the players, 2U for the control panels), but any particular size is not an issue.

Anyone have any inspiration?

Cal McLean