Blood Donation on radio

I was wondering if blood donation was something other comm radio stations had focused much on?

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Students from the University of Bedfordshire’s community radio station Radio LaB backed a campaign to get more young Lutonians to give blood with a special radio show, which was also shortlisted for the Best Outreach Project award at the I Love Student Radio Awards.

Journalism students Jack Wilson and Chloe Head attended a campaign launch at the Luton Blood Donor Centre on St George’s Square, which aims at encourage more young people in Luton to give blood.

Radio LaB Student Manager Jack went one step further by making a blood donation during the show so potential donors could see how easy it is.

The campaign, led by NHS Blood & Transplant, aims to find 250 new donors in the town within the next month. The campaign is also keen to attract more donors from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Jack said: “I think it’s important that we get more young people involved in donating blood. With the need for blood ever present we should remove any stigma attached to donating blood.

“One of the key reasons why I was so passionate to cover the event on Radio LaB was to show listeners that there is nothing to fear when giving blood. It only takes 30 minutes of your time to save someone’s life.”

Radio LaB Coordinator Terry Lee said: “Jack’s willingness to essentially give blood for the Radio LaB cause shows his commitment to the station, but most importantly his understanding of the power of radio to influence and inspire. Blood donation is a subject we are passionate about at Radio LaB and we are delighted to support the NHS Blood & Transplant team with this promotion.”

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An excellent example of how radio people become so committed to their stations and their listeners!

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