Belonging and Community - BBC Radio 4

There is an interesting programme on BBC Radio Four this evening, looking at the challenges in maintaining a sense of community:

Why have the ties that gave so many of us a shared sense of belonging weakened? Former Cabinet minister Douglas Alexander explores the erosion of class, religion and security and asks why the future he expected to see - of greater togetherness - has not emerged. The programme starts in the place he considers his “true north”, the village of his childhood in West Central Scotland. He assesses the role that technology, migration and a now discredited story of progress have all played in creating a sense of “us” and “them”.

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There’s an interesting report from the Childrens Society that says “One in 10 children aged 10 to 15 in Britain are often lonely”

“It’s really bleak, it’s quite heartbreaking to think of children being lonely. Loneliness is something we all feel at some time of our life, however, if a lot of children are feeling lonely a lot of the time, we can’t sit back and do nothing, it can be really damaging for them. When young people are feeling isolated it could be hurting their mental health or they can even be vulnerable to things like grooming.”

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