BBC’s Sam Bailey to run Audio Content Fund

Sam Bailey, a Commissioning Executive for BBC Radio 1, has been appointed as Managing Director of the Audio Content Fund, funded by the UK Government.

The Fund will award grants to independent production companies to make public service content for commercial radio, opening in April 2019.

Sam has worked at the BBC for 14 years, and most recently led Radio 1 Vintage for the station’s 50th anniversary. As a commissioner, he has been responsible for documentary content and ran Radio 1’s iPlayer TV channel and previously led the BBC’s digital coverage of Glastonbury.

Sam Bailey, who is also a trustee of the Radio Academy, will start in the new role on 1st April 2019.

The Community Media Association discussed the Audio Content Fund with DCMS last Autumn and is now engaged in dialogue with the AudioUK with regard to drawing up the guidelines for how the Fund will work. Richard Hilton on the CMA Council has extensive experience of the Community Radio Fund, administered by Ofcom, and will also be advising the Audio Content Fund as to how to encourage engagement with the community radio sector. The CMA is also currently in correspondence with an independent radio producer about working with community radio stations.


What about internet only stations. Surely in the 21st century a requirement to have a license for a 70+ year old technology (FM) or a 100+year old technology (am) can’t be a prerequisite to proving you are delivering something worthwhile to the community?