BBC Local News Partnership Review Meeting April 2019

The date for the next BBC Local Partnership Review meeting is being fixed, and is looking like it will take place in early April.

It would be useful to identify any opperational or development issues that are being faced by different community media opperators as they seek to engage with the partnership and the Local Democracy Reporters scheme.

My last report was posted here:

It would be useful to be able to report back on any issues that community media organisation are having with the scheme.

  • Is it working well?
  • Are you getting what you want from the shceme?
  • Has your news provision been improved because you have access to the scheme?
  • What kind of barriers are you facing when you try to access and set-up as a provider to the scheme?
  • Is the model of broadcast news that is used in the scheme too restrictive?
  • Would you like to use content for wider editorial purposes rather than just bulletins?
  • Has access to the scheme enabled you to foster better links with other local media and news providers?
  • Have you expanded your focus on civic reporting as a result of accessing this scheme?
  • How many more people are being trained as recognised citizen reporters as a result of the scheme?
  • Do you get any additional income from the scheme?

You can either leave comments here, or message myself @Rob-Watson or @Jennifer directly and we will coordinate our input to the feedback to the LNP scheme managers.


Rob :slight_smile:


There is a report in The Guardian that the BBC is planning to develop a charity that will take forward the work of the Local News Partnership:

The BBC is proposing to launch a new charity to fund local news reporting across Britain, in an acknowledgement that many commercial news outlets are no longer willing to pay for regional public interest journalism.

The new organisation, to be set up in conjunction with tech companies, is to be called the Local Democracy Foundation. It will pay for local journalists to report on council meetings, while also covering crime stories and other news stories that used to be the mainstay of local newspapers.

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