Are you a community news outlet based in England? Take part in this survey!

Earlier this year, Social Spider CIC was commissioned by independent charitable Trust, Power to Change, to conduct research into the independent community news sector in England.

Independent community news is a growing sector made up of a diverse range of print and online publications based in all regions of the country. Since beginning this research, public interest in the local and community news sector has increased. However, despite this, our sector is still poorly understood; particularly in regards to how different organisations are structured, how they generate income and what their support needs are.

Social Spider believes that independent community news publications offer a sustainable, community-focused alternative for producing local news. However, most independent community news organisations currently operate on shoestring budgets and face many challenges.

Social Spider has developed a survey which will help map the sector in England and identify support needs which, if met, could help the sector grow.

If you would like to take part in this survey, please click the link HERE. In doing so you will help Social Spider paint a clearer picture of the different forms of community news organisations operating across the country, as well as helping us demonstrate the huge variety of exciting and innovative work being done!