A couple of links here about improving transmission on AM

Posting these here for the attention of @SamHunt :+1:



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These two are very interesting links, thank you. I believe Ofcom already only plan to 2mv/m. 0.5 really doesn’t produce high quality reception under any modern conditions. I have a car that produces so much hash off the ECU that it really needs 5mv to be considered hifi.

The audio processing comment is very interesting. I have been developing a am audio processor that we are currently trialling on one station. The results are promising to say the least. It will shortly be rolled out to 3 stations for extended testing.

My belief is that am is far from dead. I think it would actually compliment SSDAB very well as new stations could be am and dab, removing the argument that dab can’t be received on some radios and this may prejudice the viability of small stations.

We have proven that low power am installs can be done at the same cost as a 25w FM install and have better coverage.